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Late at night is the time our thoughts come to us, playing in our minds. It replays everything, especially the things we did in the past. We all have a dark past and because of that we always feel that there is no way that Allah will accept us should we turn back to Him.

Thus instead of getting closer to Allah when we feel we want to turn our life around, we put a barrier between us and Allah. Because we feel we are unworthy of His forgiveness.

But the important question is, when the call to return to Allah has knocked the doors of our hearts, do we ignore it?

Do we find excuses to avoid the call?

Do we blindly embrace it?

Trust us, you are not all alone in this situation.

Let's find the answers in this Online Course, together with Norhafsah Hamid, titled, “Hijrah: Seeking Contentment by Turning Back to Him”.

About the Speaker

Norhafsah Hamid started her career as an advocate and solicitor. She completed her Diploma in Syariah and Legal Practise and co-founded a women organization called ‘Nadi Annissa’. She also wrote the best-selling book, ‘Trying to be Muslim’ and ‘Back to Basics’. Her other books are the ‘Letters To God’ series, ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Calling Me Softly’ and ‘Saya Bukan Fanatik’. Having retired from civil practice, she now dedicates her time to Islam, her family and their two fat cats and three soon to be fat cats; Sam, Faith, Brutus, Popeye and Snow.

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About this course

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