About This Course

Life can be very difficult and tough in its own way. The events that happened have affected and impacted several aspects of our lives.

We are not the same person after we have gone through the difficulties and made tough choices. However, we should not let all that we went through be just a blip or something that we wish to forget.

To embrace our “NEW” self, let us look back at all the struggles (from the spiritual, emotional, intellectual aspects) we went through and see what we can take from those events to shape a “stronger” us for years to come.

In this online course, you will learn practical ways to stay calm in the path of sorrow. Also, having the right mindset to prevail in challenging times. This helps you to emerge with resilience in the journey towards your life purpose. In the end, you will learn how to stay composed amidst all pain with psychological practices.

The speaker line-up for Rising Bravely are:

  • Akif Basri
  • Aiman Azlan
  • Ayesha Syahira
  • Hasrizal Abdul Jamil
  • Liyana Musfirah
  • Mizi Wahid
  • Mizz Nina

Our Speakers

Mizi Wahid
Spiritual Bravery – The Art of Seeing His Mercy Amidst My Pain
  • How do I calm the sorrowful heart when all I'm feeling is pain?
  • Part of the purpose of tests: Not to make you stronger but to strengthen you connection to Allah.
  • Embracing bravery: Everything Allah plans is out of His Mercy, always for you, never against you.
Ayesha Syahira
He Loves Those Who Surrender To Him For Courage
  • The Soul that surrenders to Allah in Salah.
  • That intimate conversation with Allah in Salah.
  • Trusting that Allah will take care  of things for us.
Akif Basri
Bravely Coping the Pandemic Fatigue
  • What is this feeling of unease that is inside me amidst this crisis?
  • How do I regain composure when I feel overwhelmed with all the drastic changes?
  • What should I do to stay safe and sane while adjusting to the new normal.
Ustazah Liyana Musfirah
Scarred But Not Shattered : Emerging From 2020 With Courage
  • What should I do when I no longer have the strength to be brave and strong?
  • The purpose of 'Scars' that we get from everything we go through in life.
  • Emerging from struggles with courage and resilience.
Aiman Azlan
Your Life Is Worth The Brave Fight
  • Is there still a way for me to  find my purpose when everything seems to be falling apart?
  • How do I navigate my passion during this difficult time?
  • What should I do to start charting or recharting my own path ahead in years to come?
Mizz Nina
The Courageous Heart of A Struggling Believer
  • Seeking courage for the struggling heart that wants to let go of attachments.
  • It's not that we're losing, we're gaining - the love  and Redha of Allah.
  • Hope for Tomorrow: Journeying Back to God humbly but bravely
Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil
Mempersiapkan Minda Untuk Tahun 2021
  • Bagaimana kita perlu proses cara pandang kita terhadap impak cabaran yang menimpa diri kita pada hari ini?
  • Apakah mindset sebagai persiapan untuk kita hadapi hari esok?
  • Bagaimana kita boleh mempersiapkan diri kita dalam mendepani masa depan  yang tidak menentu?

Course curriculum

    1. Video by Mizi Wahid

    2. Notes

    1. Talk by Ayesha Shahira

    2. Notes

    1. Talk by Akif Basri

    2. Notes

    1. Talk by Ustazah Liyana Musfirah

    2. Notes

    1. Talk by Aiman Azlan

    2. Notes

    1. Talk by Mizz Nina

    2. Notes

About this course

  • RM38.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content